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Biobank Disease Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have the DUA signed for registration? 

Yes, you and your authorized institution representative need to have the form signed ready for upload to be able to complete the registration. 


Can I change any information on my registration form after the registration? 

Once the registration is sent there will be no updates. Since the request will have to be evaluated we can not change the information on it. 


What information do I need to register as a group?

You would need to select a group leader and include his/her email on the registration form.


Do I have to be part of an US institution to be able to participate?

Yes, your institution has to have United States representation for you to be able to participate.


Can a group be form with participants from different institutions?

Yes, each member has to have their own institution approval for the DUA but the group can have members of different institutions.


List of patients with ICD code for the phenotypes?

abbr           n
AD          2369
AFIB       10894
MHA        12721
MI          8360